When You Vacation With A Group Of People

Traveling in Groups

When you vacation with a group of people numbering 10 or more, you are partaking in what they call, “group travel.” Travel agencies, hotels, cruise lines and airlines usually consider 10 or more as group travel depending on the plans you choose.

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Group Travel

Reasons for group travel are diverse. These reasons include those attending conferences, conventions, spiritual retreats, destination weddings, and more.

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There are quite a few benefits to booking a vacation plan which is categorised as group travel. The main benefit involves the discounts given for group travel plans.

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Good idea

To get a good idea of the discounts that group travel offers, you can visit sites like hotwire.com. Here, you'll find group travel discounts on hotels,

Vacation Travel

In general group travel perks depend on whether your travel plans revolve around business or vacation travel. For instance, if it's business travel, you may get discounts on hotel rooms, shuttle service, and certain eateries. If it's a vacation surrounding your wedding, you may get discounts on plane tickets, hotels close to the wedding venue, and food/bar service. Famous travel expert Rick Steves offers group tours that include a professional guide, group transportation, breakfasts, and more. Travel Hacks That Can Save Your Thousands Of Dollars

Such as gifts

There you have it, a basic primer on what group travel is and the discounts it offers to travelers. As you can see, by organizing a group travel vacation package, you'll gain more bang for your vacation dollars, money you can then spend on other items, such as gifts.


Whether it’s a destination wedding, a family reunion or business meeting, remember in order to get the best rates, plan early. The earlier you plan, the better chance you have of securing the best rooms for yourself and your guests. Find more about eksotiske reiser here. 



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Also, keep in mind that your group travel discounts may be higher if you travel during the off season. Chick here to know more about reise til Madagaskar.