Space Optimization

The compact and space-efficient design of Modum Brannstiger’s fire escapes is a game-changer.


This characteristic is critical in excessive-upward thrust buildings in which a not on time response will have severe results. The gadget’s intuitive layout guarantees that even individuals without tremendous schooling can function it efficaciously.


Modum Brannstiger's fireplace get away structures are prepared with quick deployment mechanisms that make sure speedy and hassle-free activation.


This includes anti-slip surfaces, strong handrails, and emergency lights to facilitate a secure evacuation system, specifically in low visibility conditions due to smoke or electricity outages.


Beyond the fundamental function of offering a means of egress, Modum Brannstiger's hearth escapes include included protection capabilities.


Built with notable materials and subjected to rigorous testing, these structures are designed to withstand the most harsh situations.


Modum Brannstiger locations a premium on the sturdiness and reliability of its fireplace get away systems. This ensures that the get away routes remain useful and reliable whilst they may be wanted the most.


In an era wherein smart technologies are increasingly more customary, Modum Brannstiger incorporates present day functions into its fireplace get away structures.


This consists of sensors for actual-time tracking, automated indicators, and integration with building control systems. These clever features decorate the general effectiveness of the evacuation method.

Additionally, the preservation of these fire escape systems is designed to be consumer-friendly, ensuring that recurring exams and inspections may be accomplished without the need for specialised knowledge.


  Modum Brannstiger’s fire escape systems are advanced in strict adherence to global protection standards and guidelines. This commitment to compliance ensures that the established systems meet or exceed the requirements set via relevant authorities, offering constructing owners and occupants with self belief in their protection.

   Modum Brannstiger is committed to environmental responsibility. The materials used in the production of its hearth get away systems are selected with sustainability in mind. Additionally, the company actively seeks to limit the environmental impact of its merchandise at some point of their lifecycle.


   Recognizing the importance of person familiarity, Modum Brannstiger offers complete education applications for building occupants.